Discover Clean Sweep's comprehensive power sweeping services, designed to enhance the appearance and safety of your property while offering eco-friendly solutions and cost-effective maintenance.

Explore Clean Sweep's professional pressure washing services, tailored to rejuvenate and maintain your property's exterior with eco-friendly approaches and preventive maintenance benefits.

Uncover Clean Sweep's graffiti removal service, offering rapid, eco-friendly solutions to restore your property's appearance and deter future vandalism effectively.

Clean Sweep's Paint Touch-Up Cleaning Service combines expert cleaning with precise paint touch-ups, revitalizing your property’s appearance with customized care and long-lasting results.

Clean Sweep's Garbage Room Cleaning Service offers comprehensive deep cleaning and deodorizing solutions to ensure your garbage disposal areas are hygienic, odor-free, and environmentally friendly, reflecting positively on the overall appeal and safety of your property.

Clean Sweep's Seal & Line Painting Prep Cleaning Service meticulously prepares your surfaces for sealcoating and line painting, enhancing durability and adhesion for a safer, more visually appealing outdoor space.

We Collaborate with Industry Leaders

  • Blue Mountain
  • Teacher's Union
  • Honda Dealership
  • Reliance Construction
  • Scotiabank
  • Toronto General
  • Viliant
  • Wed Property Management